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Omnipro Series-3 2m(L) x 2.1m(H) Multi-Purpose Full-Steel Mobile Trackless Barrier TTO (No Wall Mountable)

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RRP: $1,595

Australia's best value and high-quality 2m full-steel expandable mobile trackless security barriers/trellises available here.

Don't pay more than double for a similar security barrier/trellis elsewhere!
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Data sheet

Length (Fully Expanded)2m
Length (Fully Closed)0.3m
Height (Fully Expanded)2.1m
Height (Fully Closed)2.1m
Wall MountableNo
Number of Wheels (Lockable)4
Weight (Approx)35kg

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This security barrier can be joined with the same security barrierto create very long security barrier (Similar as you see in shopping centres)

The security barrier has 4 hinges attached to it (Useful for creating 90 degree corner, or for securing odd shaped area which can not be done by standard security barrier)

Gap between slats to ground: Adjustable (Can be as low as 100mm!)
(Depending on where you attach the security barrier to supplied posts. The lower you attach the security barrier to supplied posts, the lower the gap to the ground will be, and vice versa.)

Thick 15x15mm mesh tubes

Thick 40x40mm posts

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